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            Shandong Jinkai Building Materials Co., Ltd.

            Shandong Huicheng Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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            home page >> News information >>Company news >> How should enterprises deal with dividing floor profits?

            How should enterprises deal with dividing floor profits?

            At present, China's flooring industry is facing: timber is rising, freight is rising, labor is also rising, the cost is rising... Profits in the floor industry are declining. In addition to the problems of various price rises at the front end of production, the middle end of floor sales and terminals have also changed their ways to divide up the profits of floor products. In the channel business layer by layer under the stripping, the loss of profits of floor products is serious, the industry competition is increasingly fierce, floor enterprises should be how to deal with in the end?

            What causes the decline in profits?

            1. Wood is rising. With the implementation of the National Natural Protection Project, we should pay close attention to illegal and indiscriminate logging, and prohibit and restrict the cutting of forestry areas in Northeast China. Jilin, Yunnan, Guangxi and other major timber-producing provinces have indicated a significant reduction in forestry output. In addition, the United States, Russia, Malaysia and other countries have announced policies to reduce timber exports; and Burma's war has led to a rapid supply of wood suitable for floor production. As a result, the timber market is facing an uncontrollable upward trend.

            2. Logistics is rising. Recently, the traffic department has launched a new round of severe crackdown on overloaded vehicles, which has broken many latent rules of cost reduction through overloading. The original unit price of freight increased by 33.6%, plus the corresponding tax, freight rose to at least 35%.

            3. Artificial increase. Labor costs have risen by 10-15%. The loss of floor installation workers and the age gap of workers have pushed up labor costs. Skilled workers will rise by 15% and more on this basis.

            4. The mode of floor enterprises. Some floor enterprises have limited control over the market. One is that they do not have a reasonable product system. The other is that they do not know how to develop new markets. They prefer to struggle in places where competition is fierce, so that they focus on the promotion of conventional products for a long time, but there is always no high-profit product.

            How to go upstream and seize market share

            1. Cost-effective ratio. Buying floors to see "cost-effective" has become a consensus of many consumers, many flooring enterprises in the process of brand building, began to "cost-effective" direction. High cost-effective products are more acceptable to consumers than products. Therefore, it is a rational marketing method to use the advantage of cost-effective ratio to widen the larger floor market.

            2. Individualization. In this era of rapid replacement, flooring enterprises should keep pace with the development of the times, and take the personality of products as the starting point, in order to get greater profits. Only by producing personalized products on the basis of guaranteeing quality and satisfying different individual needs of consumers, can we seize a certain market share.

            3. Scientific and technological innovation. Flooring as an indispensable product in life, not only need to meet the "practical" level, highly designed or more advanced floor products are more likely to be welcomed by consumers. Only by actively promoting individualization, integrating the characteristics of the times, speeding up technological innovation of products and opening up all links from production to sales can flooring enterprises effectively seize market share with more high-end products.

            The environment of the floor market has changed. Under the background of losing profits, how to keep up with the ever-changing consumption needs of the floor enterprises, to go upstream and seize market share is a problem that every floor enterprise should ponder.


            Shandong Jinkai Building Materials Co., Ltd.

            Shandong Huicheng Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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